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Weezer Memories Las Vegas

Posted February 17th, 2011 by jallen

Okay, I realize that this is a little late, but it is worth it. There are some priceless videos embedded at the end here that are sure to tickle the ear hairs…

The concert started with a very pleasant surprise. The Opener was a band called “Imagine Dragons” and you can check them out here.
They are a local band and when I say local, you can take that to mean that they are from the Vegas or Utah, as they are from vegas, but got their start in the “happy valley” of Utah.

I was next to their family in the crowd and that was interesting and fun. I ended up buying their music, I enjoyed their live performance so much!

On to the show!

There was not much room for the imagination to roam with what the set-list was going to be as we already knew that it was gonna be the Blue and Pinkerton albums. They had previously stated that there would be other stuff played and right before the show, Rivers tweeted that Rachel Haden was back stage with the band. This led to immediate speculation between my sisters and I that they would play “I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams”

The show began with them playing the whole blue album and it was flawless – Only in dreams was better than Ever, and it is simply amazing to see Rivers Play lead guitar.

Rivers of Weezer

Rivers During “Jonas”

This was crazy though as everyone was going crazy in the crowd for pretty much the whole show. Some creep even tried to pull some moves on my sister Nicole – to the point that my other sister Karyn and I felt that we needed to intervene… But all in all A GREAT Blue album set!

Rivers Solo - Pat on Drums

Rivers Solo – and Full Band

Intermission was similar to the shows in LA as Karl did an Intermission slide show and then moved on to the 2nd set of Pinkerton!

Pinkerton was great because everyone was so worn out from the blue album set, that we were able to stay a little more calm and enjoy the performance (of my favorite album ever, mind you) and we were so close – So I got some cool pics too! Such a great experience.

Rivers and Pat - Pinkerton

Rivers and Pat – Pinkerton

Rivers and Brian - Pinkerton Cool Colors

Rivers and Brian – Pinkerton Cool Colors

Rivers and Pat again - Pinkerton

Rivers and Pat again – Pinkerton

Brian and Rivers Rocking Out - Pinkerton

Brian and Rivers Rocking Out – Pinkerton

Here are a couple videos that I got from that second set:

Rivers Solo on: “Butterfly”

And for the encore… Full band with special guest Rachel Haden on:

“I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams”

*all pictures and video taken by me – Jon Allen

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