The Allenation Proclamation's Purpose:

Exploring the deep thoughts of one Jon Allen, one crazy opinion at a time!


I am VERY opinionated, so you will probably get offended eventually by what I have to say. I am not doing this to offend anyone, but to make my voice heard. A voice that is slow to speak on such topics presented herein unless I feel that I have a good enough understanding on how the topic at hand will affect me. Hopefully most of what I will say rings true!

This is not intended to be a debate nor a vehicle to throw out hate (although some of you will most likely feel that because I am conservative that is exactly what this is for). I consider this an opportunity for me to say what I’m thinking and see how others feel about it. Again NO DEBATES HERE. If you want to criticize me, all I ask is that you know your facts before you criticize what I say, and if you learn something new that might change how you feel, don’t be afraid to “update” that opinion in spite of the¬†criticism you will assuredly get from others.

This is the pattern I will try to follow here. Yes, I will be stating some things that are sometimes polarized in the Political, music, movie, and religious worlds, But those statements are based on what I know “now.” If you have a logical rebuttal to anything I say, PLEASE bring it to my attention I am always up for learning and if nothing else, gaining a better understanding of those I don’t agree with so I am not ignorant to issues.

You have been warned! *Queue daunting music*

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