The Allenation Proclamation's Purpose:

Exploring the deep thoughts of one Jon Allen, one crazy opinion at a time!

About Jon Allen

I’m Jon Allen. This is what I sometimes look like:
Jon Allen

I’m a senior at Utah State University; Majoring in MIS (Management Information Systems). I feel like I haven’t learned anything while attending college apart from out of class/personal research. ¬†Which, in my opinion, is a sad yet telling picture of the role of higher education in todays society.

More Importantly: I like Music and Star Wars and Weezer.

I am a very opinionated person and sometimes it gets the best of me, but I think my opinions are sound and reasonable if all things are considered. I think that is the problem with critiques of anyones opinions these days, everything is taken out of context and not everything is considered about the person with the opinion – at least with regard to that opinion.

All I ask is that you know your facts before you criticize an opinion, and if you learn something new that might change an opinion, don’t be afraid to “update” that opinion in spite of the¬†criticism you will assuredly get. Just make sure to make your reason to “update” clear.

This is the pattern I will try to follow here. Yes, I will be stating some things that are sometimes polarized in the Political, music, movie, and religious worlds, But those statements are based on what I know “now.” If you have a logical rebuttal to anything I say, please bring it to my attention I am always up for learning and if nothing else, gaining a better understanding of those I don’t agree with so I am not ignorant to issues.

If you have any questions or comments, please ask

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