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Weezer Memories Las Vegas

February 17th, 2011

Okay, I realize that this is a little late, but it is worth it. There are some priceless videos embedded at the end here that are sure to tickle the ear hairs… The concert started with a very pleasant surprise. The Opener was a band called “Imagine Dragons” and you can check them out here. […]

Alright, I found this when I Found Brand New’s last week. This is pretty cool eh. July 6th 2002 1. Surf Wax America 2. Slave 3. The Good Life 4. Hash Pipe 5. No One Else 6. Space Rock 7. Why Bother? 8. O Girlfriend 9. Buddy Holly 10. Dope Nose 11. Falling for You […]

To All who care about this… Tomorrow is the 14 year anniversary for the release of Pinkerton (Original Release September 24, 1996) in honor of the greatest album ever released, enjoy the following. I found this as a tentative (leaked) track listing for the Pinkerton deluxe Edition. It is set to come out this fall […]